What Could Go Wrong?
28 Sep 2017

The Mythbusters team investigated the possible effects of pressure vessel explosions by deliberately taking water heating vessels over pressure. These vessels are similar to the ones found in .commercial espresso machines. This is very much a ‘worst-case scenario’, but highlights the force contained within what’s otherwise a seemingly innocuous coffee machine. The importance of regular pressure vessel inspections (not to be confused with a standard service) and the potential for what could go wrong should never be overlooked or underestimated.

The experiments conducted by the Mythbusters team can be viewed here and here


When Machines Fail
21 Sep 2017

Regular maintenance of your machine is the best way to ensure it’s operating safely and efficiently. There are times when we carry out a pressure vessel inspection and have to fail the machine due to potentially dangerous faults. These steel bolts were the only positive fixing on the end plate of the pressure vessel inside this espresso machine.

It’s clear to see from the pictures that these bolts are excessively corroded, creating a potentially extremely hazardous situation.

Excessive corrosion on steel bolts


Excessive corrosion on these bolts posed a potential danger, so Espress Test had to fail the machine

In this instance, Espress Test failed the machine, and within 24 hours of undertaking the inspection, the site was served a Prohibition Notice by the local authority.