Espress Test
Espress Test was established in 2010 to fulfil a clear need for help with compliance with the legal requirement for regular safety checks on the pressure vessel of espresso machines.

Pressure System
Safety Regulations
Our written scheme has been designed to fully encompass the regulations, giving your business the protection it deserves. Our services are recommended by many supply and servicing companies.

Safe and
Professional Service
Using regularly calibrated, specialist tools, we examine and test all aspects of the pressure system.
We have associations with many insurance providers and are fully insured for your peace of mind.

About Us

Espress Test was founded in Cornwall in 2010 by engineer Mark Allen. With over a decade of experience in the coffee industry, combined with extensive and varied prior engineering experience, Mark identified a clear niche for a simple, cost effective solution to allow businesses to comply with the Pressure System Safety Regulations.

On site, performing a gauge test on a Gaggia Deco 2 group espresso machine to ensure reading is accurate

The ethos of Espress Test is to provide a friendly, helpful and professional service. We try to educate operators of pressure vessels so they are equipped with the knowledge to ensure the integrity of their pressure vessel, and the safety of themselves, their staff and customers. We don’t believe in selling to you, but rather, presenting you with the advice and insight required to enable you to make informed decisions yourself.


Our team of area representatives are all fully qualified engineers with over a century of combined experience working on espresso machines.


Through hard-work, dedication and education, Espress Test is proud to have grown to become a leading independent provider in the coffee industry.