Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR)

The regulations were devised by the Health and Safety Executive as a means of reducing the risk of serious injury or death resulting from the unsafe use of pressurised vessels.


  • The inspection is in regards to Health and Safety Regulations, so it is separate to the annual service you may receive from your usual coffee supplier.
  • They are a point of law – quite simply, to operate a pressure vessel without compliance is against the law.
  • The Regulations are in place to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure of a pressure system.
  • Although rare, should a pressure vessel fail, there is potential danger from the energy released – even a relatively small espresso machine has potential to cause property damage, injury or even death.
  • The duty holder is responsible for ensuring compliance and may be personally liable in the event of any claim for damages.


  • Espresso machine boilers work by heating water to create steam.
  • There are various methods of controlling this heating, to maintain a safe working pressure.
  • Should those systems fail, the pressure could continue to build.
  • A pressure release valve is also fitted to the vessel to discharge any excess pressure build up following failure of the control systems.
  • A faulty, worn or damaged valve could mean that there is a potential for pressure to build until something gives; this could result in the catastrophic failure of the vessel.

More information about the PSSR can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website here.